I am raising funds for a project with my group, New America Ensemble.  A multi artistic collaboration between music, dance and art.  I’ve composed a score for English Horn and Classical Guitar titled Urban Dance.  An 8 minute two movement work expressing American tonalities that illuminate a metropolitan landscape.  A modern/ballet dancer will join the musicians in expressing a story of ones first experience exploring a large city to eventually dwelling and adapting to its dynamic environment. The score will be rendered into sheet music with original artwork adorning its cover and featured on all programs and promotional materials. 

There are 4 stages to producing this artistic collaboration and bringing it to the public's attention. 

1. Recording:  Music will be recorded, mixed and mastered in 2 recording studios.  The finished recording will be featured on the radio , allowing for free public listening, and incorporated into a video. (See stage 3) 

2. Sheet Music:  The score will be typeset with original artwork on its cover.  The sheet music will allow student and professional musicians to have access to performing this music. 

3. Video:  Incorporating the recorded music, a video will be produced of the choreographed dance in performance with the musicians.  This video will be uploaded to YouTube and other social media outlets for free public viewing. 

4. Performance and Masterclass:  A performance will be premiered in Yakima Washington followed by a 2nd performance in Seattle.  Prior to the premier, a masterclass will take place at a local school where students will interact with the dancer, musicians and composer. 

To bring this entire project to fruition, a budget of $6,800 is needed.  This will fund the musicians, dancer, artist, studio engineers, and videographer to complete all 4 stages mentioned.