In the past few years I returned to arranging music out of necessity. 
I found a number of American composers' works I absolutely loved
but noticed few had written for the guitar.  So I set out, did my research and introduced myself to a substantial body of American composers.   Then I started arranging their works for various guitar ensemble formats.  "WOW" is all I can say.  This music speaks wonderfully on guitar!

My goal is to recruit a dozen classical guitarists to record one full length CD of these arrangements.  I will also put these arrangements  into a collection of sheet music.  Can we get it done?  We sure can!  

Required are  12 musicians, recording and mastering engineers, visual artists, CD and Sheet Music manufacturing and Copyright licenses.  The total budget is $37,000.  Compensation of my time arranging and producing this project is not reflected in the budget.  Please feel free to donate BIG or SMALL!  These American composers' music needs to be heard and rejuvenated for generations to come!